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Alpaca Clothing

How Is Alpaca Clothing Made?

Thinking about trying alpaca clothing? You're making a great choice. Alpaca clothes are delightfully soft, sustainable, and well made. Alpaca clothing is relatively new in many areas of the world. If you're a clothing boutique owner, stocking your shop with alpaca clothes will help you stand out, and will make people step into your store just to see what this new alpaca clothing is all about.


Alpacas are calm, docile animals that live in Peru. Workers shear the alpacas, much like sheep. Alpacas are not harmed in any way in the process. In Peru, the alpaca is a well-respected, cared for animal. After the wool is sheared, it's spun into yarn, which is then used to make clothes.


Alpaca clothing is extremely soft - soft enough that a newborn baby can comfortably be wrapped in an alpaca blanket. At Peruvian Traditions S.A.C., it's important for us to practice sustainable fair trade practices. Our employees are treated well, and we're proud to share the stories behind how our clothes are made. We recognize that all too often in the fashion industry, the truth behind how clothes are made is hidden. We work to ensure that every single person and animal involved in the process of making our clothes are treated with care and respect.


If you're ready to give alpaca clothes a try, we'd love to talk to you. Please feel free to look over our look book. We're also happy to work on commissioned projects to meet your unique needs. Reach out to Peruvian Traditions S.A.C. today if you have any questions about our alpaca clothing, or to talk about working together on a commissioned project.

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