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Cleaning Instructions

  1. Soak the Alpaca garment in cold water with a small amount of mild liquid detergent like baby shampoo or a fine fibers formula. Do not use chlorine bleach or even gentle Woolite,because they will cause damage.

  2. Soak it for 3 to 5 minutes, gently squeezing the suds through the garment. Avoid twisting, wringing, scrubbing, as this will cause felting. Dyed garments will have some chance of bleed, but this shouldn’t be a problem after the first wash.

  3. Rinse the garment gentle twice in clean, cold water and gently squeeze out the excess.

  4. Place the garment on a dry towel or sweater rack and reshape (do not hang). Dry it away from sunlight and direct heat.

  5. If the garment is wrinkled you can steam it lightly.

  6. You can always take your Alpaca garment to a professional dry cleaner paying attention to the instructions on the label.

Peruvian Traditions alpaca garments washing instructions

General cleaning:

For Garments: 

For Accessories: 

Peruvian Traditions alpaca accesories washing instructions
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