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Alpaca Garments

Peruvian Traditions S.A.C. - The Story Behind Our Alpaca Garments

At Peruvian Traditions S.A.C., we developed our company with a mission. We wanted to provide luxury alpaca clothes in a way that makes sense for animals, for workers, and the environment. Our luxury alpaca clothes are fully sustainable, and we're committed to providing you with high-quality, fair trade products.

We recognize the all too common issue in the fashion industry of poor working conditions for people who make clothes. At Peruvian Traditions S.A.C., we're proud to provide our customers and clients with the stories behind the people who make our alpaca garments. We believe that working conditions should never be a secret. We have nothing to hide, and we're proud of our transparency with our customers.

In addition to providing excellent working conditions for our employees, we're also proud to provide the highest quality alpaca yarn on the market today. We test all of our yarn for contaminants and ensure that only biodegradable dyes are used. We respect and appreciate the fact that alpaca yarn comes from nature, and it's important for us to protect our natural resources.

If you're ready to stock your shop with premium alpaca fashion, we'd love to talk to you. In many areas, alpaca fashions are up and coming, and when you stock your shop with our products, customers will be drawn in out of curiosity. Once they touch an alpaca garment, they'll be hooked. We invite you to check out our latest look book and see the styles we're able to provide. If you have an idea of exactly what you'd like, we're happy to work with you on commissioned projects. Reach out to us today to talk more about how we can meet all of your alpaca fashion needs.

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