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OUR story

Peruvian Traditions emerged from an unwavering passion for the world's finest materials, a commitment to high quality, and a strong focus on social and environmental sustainability.

We take pride in celebrating the craftsmanship behind our clothes. Our mission is to provide ethical services, champion fair trade, and ensure the production of safe alpaca clothes and accessories.

Alpaca garments represent sustainability, as we obtain the yarn without causing harm to any animals. We exclusively use certified yarns of reputable origin, employing biodegradable dyes that adhere to international ecological standards. Our materials are tested for harmful substances, meeting certifications such as AZO, OEKO-TEX, and REACH.


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We were partners and best friends since childhood. After completing school, we both pursued studies in International Business Administration, nurturing the dream of one day having our own company. Over the years, we gained expertise in our respective paths, and our journey in the fashion industry began in 2014.


We chose to embark on numerous research trips through the Andes of Peru, determined to discover the finest craftsmen, raw materials, and suppliers. Our goal was to offer customers optimal manufacturing solutions using alpaca fiber.

The vibrant world of colors and textures we encountered during these journeys left us in awe. The versatility and softness of alpaca yarn were truly unbelievable. In 2015, inspired by our discoveries, we founded Peruvian Traditions S.A.C.


In 2016, armed with additional expertise and after undergoing several design courses, we made the decision to launch our own private label, NORGÄTE.

Our aim was to craft timeless garments—unique pieces that you could cherish for years, even decades. Every garment is meticulously designed to endure and accompany you on your adventures. NORGÄTE collections are a joint creation, designed 100% by both of us. We aspire to embody a sense of simplicity yet luxury, offering functional and beautiful alpaca clothes.


In 2022, Norgate j.d.o.o. expanded its footprint in Croatia by founding a European branch, marking a crucial moment in our journey. After six years of dedicated commitment and the successful creation of five remarkable collections, we have established ourselves as a distinctive presence in the fashion industry. Specializing in high-quality alpaca clothing, our European branch embodies the culmination of years of passion and expertise.


We invite you to join us in this exciting chapter, where our enduring commitment to sustainability and fashion converge to redefine standards and elevate your wardrobe experience.


Meet the Co-Founders 

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