OUR story

Peruvian Traditions was founded from an unconditional passion of the world´s finest materials, high quality and a stronger focus on social and environmental sustainability.


​We are proud to announce who made our clothes. Our objective is to provide ethical services, promote fair trade and ensure the production of safety alpaca clothes and accessories.  

Alpaca garments are sustainable because to obtain the yarn we do not harm any animal. We only use certified yarns of well-known origin and that use biodegradable dyes, for the international ecological standards allowed and tested for harmful substances for certifications like AZO, OEKO-TEX and REACH.

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Claudia and Carlos Cordero Berkovic, siblings and founders of Peruvian Traditions ventured into a world of color and textures, marveling at the great versatility and finest of the alpaca yarn. They decided to undertake several research trips through the Andes of Peru, in search of the best craftsmen, raw materials and suppliers in order to provide their customers with the best manufacturing solutions with alpaca fiber.


Claudia y Carlos Cordero

OUR mission- Nuestra misión 

“We are dedicated to the commercialization and export of garments, manufactured with natural fibers, eco-friendly and fine blends. Working with social and environmental responsibility. Developing a fair trade network with good values working together with our associate workshops, suppliers, clients and community.”

"Nos dedicamos a la comercialización y exportación de prendas de vestir de alta calidad, fabricadas con fibras naturales, eco amigable y finas mezclas. Trabajando con responsabilidad social y medio ambiental. Desarrollando  red de comercio justo y bueno valores en un trabajo en conjunto con nuestros talleres asociados, proveedores, clientes y comunidad"