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The garments and accessories that we commercialise have been exclusively manufactured in Perú using ancestral Inca techniques fused with modern technology which gives us a unique product in the world. Alpaca fiber is noted for its thermal properties, softness, and long duration. 


Alpaca is a member of the South American Camelid family and its main habitat is in the Southern Andes region of Peru. Domesticated by humans from immemorial time, the Alpaca is known for its fine hair which is annually shorn to be made into delicate garments.


These labels are a symbol of high quality and durability, they guarantee that our garments and accessories are certificated by the International Alpaca Association. 


Gold Origin Mark 

The fiber contents 100% Pure Baby Alpaca, which has been hand-classified to a fineness of no more than 23 microns.

Silver Origin Mark 

The fiber contents 100% Pure Alpaca, which has been hand-classified for each of its qualities.

White Blend Mark 

The fiber contents at least 30% Alpaca fiber with other natural or synthetic fibers. 

Internacional Alpaca Association Certification 

Alpaca Origin Mark, since 1984 


For further information about the International Alpaca Association, please  visit the institutional web page:

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